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About the Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging

Increasingly more entrepreneurs want to work with sustainable packaging, because they see the importance and the opportunities of a circular economy for packaging material. That is why the Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging advises and inspires companies with tailor-made advice. We offer factual knowledge and practical tools, based on applied scientific research, current trends and knowledge of the packaging chain.

Organizational structure

The KIDV consists of a Supervisory Board, college of independent experts and the KIDV office. The Supervisory Board consists of representatives of the packaging industry. The college of independent experts consists of scientists of universities.

The KIDV is funded by the Packaging Waste Fund to the tune of two million euros per annum for a period of ten years. The funds are generated by Packaging Waste Management Contributions.




  • Chris Bruijnes

    Managing director
  • Ingrid Goud

    Office manager
  • Karen van de Stadt

    Packaging expert
  • Anne van Seters

    Packaging expert
  • Nynke Arntzen

    Packaging expert
  • Niels van Marle

    Packaging expert
  • Caitlin Ouwehand

  • Vincent Balk

    Project manager
  • Daphne van den Berg

    Project manager
  • Marc Reijnders

    Project manager
  • Pascal Zoetbrood

    Project manager
  • Charissa Koolen

    Communication advisor
  • Gijs Langeveld

    Project manager
  • Lilian Scholten

    Communication advisor
  • Maartje Knaap

    Communication advisor
  • Gerard Haverkamp

  • Sanne Bode

  • Nikki Groote Schaarsberg

Supervisory Board

  • Cees de Mol van Otterloo

    Director Packaging Waste Fund
  • Marc Jansen

    Director of the Central Office of Food and Grocery Trade (CBL)
  • Marian Geluk

    Director Dutch Federation Food Products Industry (FNLI)
  • Ronald van Welie

    Director Dutch Cosmetics Association (NCV)
  • Eus Peters

    Director Council Dutch Retail (RND)

Committee of Independent Experts

  • Jan Paul van Soest

    De Gemeynt
  • Jacqueline Cramer

    Universiteit Utrecht
  • Jos Keurentjes

  • Roland ten Klooster

    Universiteit Twente / Plato Product Consultants
  • Peter Rem

    TU Delft