Circular packaging: economic opportunities, less dependent on other countries for raw materials, good for the environment.

Meldpunt Verpakkingen (packaging helpdesk)

The Meldpunt Verpakkingen (packaging helpdesk) was established by the KIDV in May 2013. It was established in response to the Addendum to the Framework Agreement for Packaging 2013-2022 regarding the elimination and reduction (in weight) of packaging without added value. The KIDV commissioned the Dutch environmental NGO ‘Milieu Centraal’ to manage the Meldpunt Verpakkingen.

Consumers can notify the Meldpunt Verpakkingen if they believe the packaing can be more sustainable, for example, in respect of the type of material used, or if too much or unnecessary packaging materials are used. Consumers can also put forward suggestions and ideas for improving the sustainability of packaging. The Meldpunt Verpakkingen passes on consumer notifications to manufacturers or trade organizations. Responses from manufacturers and trade organizations are published on the Meldpunt Verpakkingen website within six weeks.

The Meldpunt Verpakkingen also functions as a source of reference for consumers. They can contact the helpdesk with any queries about the sustainability and environmental aspects of packaging. The Meldpunt Verpakkingen answers these queries with the factual information available. If a query is directed specifically to a company, it is the KIDV’s responsibility to direct it to the company. The company is responsible for answering the question. The Meldpunt Verpakkingen makes every effort to ensure queries are answered.

The KIDV gauges the views of consumers on the sustainability of packaging via the notifications and queries that come in to the Meldpunt Verpakkingen. Milieu Centraal reports to the KIDV bi-annually on the notifications, queries and responses from companies. The KIDV publishes these reports on this website. The KIDV also uses the notifications and queries directed to the Meldpunt Verpakkingen as input for sectors and materials organizations in the formulation of their innovation plans, the annual Sustainability Agenda, and potential quick wins.

Website and Facebook

Click here for the Dutch-language website of the Meldpunt Verpakkingen. The packaging helpdesk also has a Facebook page where consumers can ask questions and submit notifications and where information about the environmental friendliness of packaging is provided. Click here to go to the Dutch language Facebook page.


  • Lilian Scholten

    Communication advisor
  • Maartje Knaap

    Communication advisor