Getting started with sustainable packaging

The Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging advises and inspires companies on sustainable packaging. We offer tailor-made advice, factual knowledge and practical tools.

How do you make sustainable packaging?

Starting with sustainable packaging, you will quickly discover that this involves more than simply using less or a different material. The development of a successful sustainable packaging also requires you to consider for example the packaging process and the logistics, your customers’ purchasing and disposal behaviour, and your organisation’s packaging and sustainability strategies. The KIDV model 'Five perspectives on sustainable packaging®' provides a clear overview of the key areas of attention that you have to take into account when developing sustainable packaging. It also gives you the opportunity to zoom in on issues that are relevant to your specific situation from any angle.


To improve the recyclability of packaging, the KIDV offers tips and tricks to keep in mind while develop packaging. The tips and tricks are classified per material (plastic, glass, metal, wood and paper and cardboard). Companies can also provide input themselves.

Seven tips for creating sustainable packaging

Good packaging is sustainable packaing. But where do you start when making packaging more sustainable? Read the seven tips from the KIDV here.

Trends in sustainable packaging

The packaging sector is constantly changing: producers develop innovative and sustainable packaging, the sector makes chain agreements and researchers bring new insights. The KIDV gives an overview of innovations, market developments and knowledge questions about sustainable packaging.

Ask your questions here

Do you have questions about sustainable packaging? Ask them to the KIDV. Or check out the frequently asked questions.

Disposal guide

When packaging will be disposed correctly after using it, it can be recycled and materials can be reused. The KIDV developed icons to use on packaging, called the disposal guide.

Inspiration for sustainable packaging

The Inspiration Guide Sustainable Packaging provides insight into sustainable packaging possibilities and offers practical information, tips and tricks and inspiring examples.