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Plastics Recyclers Europe Annual meeting 'Design for Recycling'

Plastics Recyclers Europe present the Plastics Recyclers Annual Meeting 'Design for Recycling'. 

Recycling of plastics begins with the design of products. Careless design often leads to the leftover residue in emptied packages and ill-prepared combinations of polymers and materials in plastic products can create incompatibilities with efficient recycling processes. Therefore, ensuring circularity of plastics and the achievement of recycling targets hinges on design for recycling of products.

The programme will cover global trends, as well as the EU's approach when it comes to recyclability. You will be able to hear perspectives of the different actors on how can we bridge the gap between the brand owner and recycler demands. Moreover, the importance of the value chain collaboration will be discussed, in addition to the role of recyclability in advancing quality recycling, sustainability and the circular economy.  

On November 22, Karen van de Stadt (KIDV) will take part in a panel discussion entitled: 'How brands can meet the demands of recyclers - and how recyclers can meet the demands of brands.'