Duurzaam verpakken vraagt om samenwerking tussen alle spelers in de keten: van grondstoffenleverancier tot afvalverwerker

Packaging Excellence Forum


Whether you're looking to source packaging machinery, food processing, liquid processing, weighing and metering equipment, packaging materials and containers, or industrial robots, warehouse logistics and quality inspection equipment, we have you covered. We provide the participants endless opportunities to explore multiple approaches to solving production and packaging challenges, discover packaging ideas from other industries and grow network by connecting with more than 300 colleagues who are active in the processing and packaging industries.

In addition, this conference expands your knowledge on the ever-changing packaging landscape and learn about breakthroughs and best practices. The hot topics include active packaging, printing electronics, intelligent packaging, anti-counterfeiting labels, fresh food packaging and logistics, new FMCG packaging materials, automation and controlling technologies, and so on. Senior experts will give views and share their experiences in these free educational sessions and help you find ways to apply new technology and gain a competitive edge.

The 5th Packaging Excellence Forum 2019 will take place from 4 to 5 April 2019 at an exclusive venue of Amsterdam which is the world's largest hub for novel brand protection strategies.