Circulair verpakken: economische kansen, minder afhankelijk van andere landen voor grondstoffen, goed voor het milieu.

Thin Wall Packaging Cologne

The conference focus is on plastics packaging tubs, cups, trays, jars and pots. It looks at storage and functionality of plastics materials in protecting and preserving items such as proteins, yellow fats, fruit and vegetables, dairy and convenience foods.This year’s programme addresses the concerns of the environmental footprint of the industry and ways to increase sustainability.

Tesco and Danone provide a valuable context for future requirements. A number of leading converters - both injection moulding and thermoforming companies - discuss their best sustainability practices and present their views on how to support circular economy and deliver market innovation.

Packaging suppliers and end-users will be presented with a range of barrier technologies and quality control mechanisms to suit their operational needs.